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More about Fullblood Limousin.

British Limousin Breed Commentary 2012...

British Limousin is the largest numerical beef breed in the United Kingdom accounting for 31% of the 1.8 million cattle registered with the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS). Each year approximately 600,000 Limousin-sired cattle are registered representing an annual industry value of around £500 million.  It is further estimated that some 75% of all beef cattle in the UK carry a percentage of Limousin genetics.  In the sixteen years since BCMS was first established in 1996, over 10 million calves (10,296,266), sired by Limousin bulls, have been registered.

Figures to the end of June 2011 also show that Limousin is the leading breed in Northern Ireland with 70,572 Limousin-sired calves representing a 33% market share.

First imported into the United Kingdom from France in 1971, the Limousin breed has built its reputation on being ‘The Carcase Breed’, a breed able to produce quality beef with a low proportion of bone and fat.  Its influence on British Beef production has been borne through its advantages in calving ease, growth, milk, fertility, feed efficiency, killing-out percentage and meat yield.

The sustained demand for the breed from UK cattle producers has seen, in the last eigt years alone, Limousin pedigree sales grossing over £43 Million. Again, these record breaking figures have been achieved in a period when UK cattle numbers across the board have continued to drop.


The Limousin’s ability to produce ½ bred and ¾ bred carcases with excellent conformation, a top killing out percentage and a top yield of saleable meat (73.3%) make it well suited to the market needs of a consistent, quality beef product.  An early maturing breed, the Limousin provides young but mature beef in the medium weight range demanded both by butchers and supermarkets.

Limousin bulls are known for their fleshing qualities, lighter bone, fertility, and for the extra conformation they pass to all progeny, whatever the dam. Limousin suckler cows can be found on both upland and lowland systems.  They are renowned for ease of calving and ease of management, vital factors in today’s farming economy. A good milking ability and excellent fertility is complemented by a natural hardiness and thriftiness.

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