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If you have Full Blood Cattle to sell and are a member of the Full Blood Limousin Alliance, you can purchase a classified ad for $5.00. 

All ads will be run for 90 days! If you sell the animal(s) listed in the ad prior to 90 days please email so the ad can be removed. In an effort to keep the sale page up to date with current animals, it is important to communicate back when/if cattle are sold. If cattle are not sold within 90 days, the add will run for an additional 90 days. 

If you would like to purchase an ad please contact Joe Latendresse for payment. 

Phone: 918-639-8438


For Sale

Ollar Farms
Offering Homozygous Polled Fullblood Heifers for Sale!
Ollar Limousin
Phone: (479) 366-0541

Ollar Limousin_edited.jpg

For Sale Ads

Brown Eden Limousin

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Goss Limousin.png
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