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The Fullblood Limousin Alliance (FLA), is a non-profit organization founded on February 18, 2006 for the purpose of developing, improving and promoting Fullblood Limousin cattle in North America.

The FLA will conduct an active promotion and publicity campaign to:

  • Inform the beef industry of the benefits and advantages of Fullblood Limousin cattle.

  • Increase the number of Fullblood Limousin cattle in North America thus increasing FLA membership.

  • Enhance the marketability of Fullblood Limousin cattle.

In order to achieve these goals the FLA will maintain educational programs to: 

  • Increase the understanding of performance summaries & reports issued by NALF and their value to Fullblood cattle.

  • Increase the understanding of the beef industry and the relationship of Fullblood Limousin to the industry.

  • Increase the awareness of the Alliance and the services available to its members. The FLA may support research, conduct surveys or issue reports relating to Fullblood Limousin, the  beef cattle  industry, marketing and merchandising, member services and other areas deemed useful by its membership.



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