Registered Fullblood's 


Registered Males FY 18' - 19'


Registered Females FY 18' - 19'

Top Breeders FY 18' - 19'

Fullblood Breeders by Number of Registrations for Fiscal Year 2018-2019

Breeder                                                                                     Number Registered

1. ACH Holdings                                                                               48

2. Carver Farms LLC                                                                      43

3. Diamond R Cattle Company LLC                                       35

4. Michael Bane                                                                                31

5. Ratliff 3R Bar Ranch                                                                   27

6. Jarnagin Limousin                                                                     25

7. Chester L/Charlotte Grooms                                                20

8. Anderson Red Limousin Farm                                              19

9. Stone Valley Limousin Farm                                                  14

10. Lenape Limousin LLC                                                                14


Is the high cost of feed, fuel and equipment making you see red?
The costs associated with raising cattle are a significant challenge for today's cattlemen. The ability to minimize costs and maximize gain is something everyone is looking for.

Turn your
red into green...use Limousin!
"The amount of feed required per unit of retail beef produced is the ultimate biologic measure of beef production efficiency.  Limousin calves produced the same amount of trimmed retail product with roughly one-half as much feed from weaning to harvest as compared to Angus and Hereford calves."
Gregory et al, J. Arim,
Sci 72:1154


Muscle Growth Efficiency

  1. "Because Limousin had a higher dressing percentage, higher percentage of retail product and lower percentage of bone than the other breeds, it was the most efficient in measures of efficiency where the endpoint was retail product gain"- MARC 1999

  2. Limousin cattle with approximately the same live weight as Angus and Hereford produced approximately 100 lbs. more close-trimmed retail product.

  3. When contrasted with Gelbvieh, Simmental and Charolais, Limousin weighing 100 to 130 lbs. less live weight produced the same quantity of retail product. - MARC 1994 (JAS 72:1152)


Calving Ease
Calving and weaning rates, birth weight, calving ease, and 24-h calf survival were evaluated in a four-breed diallel of Simmental (S), Limousin (L), Polled Hereford (H) and Brahman (B) beef cattle in five calf crops. Limousin dams tended to have the highest calving and weaning rates because they were able to have heavier calves with less calving difficulty and higher survival rates. - University of Georgia, Athens.